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Terveys + energiansäästö, luokkahuoneen valonlähde suosittuja LED-valoja

Kaiyao lighting construction of LED health lighting standardization classroom.

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In 2014, the physical health monitoring results of students aged 7 to 19 in Ningbo showed that the incidence of myopia was 90.5% and the rate increased by 1.5 percentage points per year in the past two years. How to create a good environment for children to become the government departments at all levels and parents are most concerned about one of the issues. So what kind of light source is most suitable for classroom lighting? What is the current situation of classroom lighting? In the end LED lights can not enter the classroom?

Around these issues, the Ministry of Education Education and Equipment Research and Development Center related personnel and lighting experts and scholars on Friday came to Ningbo research, opened the national primary and secondary school students health classroom lighting standards development work prelude.

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Classroom lighting lighting “classroom lighting environment is an important factor affecting students’ vision.” Shen Yingqi is the Ministry of Education Education and Equipment Research and Development Center School Logistics Equipment Director, as the research experts invited, he proposed classroom brightness , Lighting equipment aging, improper use of lighting facilities is one of the causes of student myopia.

Last year, Shen Yingqi had led to research in Hunan Province and found that Hunan junior high school student residence rate as high as Bacheng, every day in the classroom for up to ten hours, but most of the school classroom lighting conditions are not ideal. “These schools generally exist in the lighting of the errors, that the lighter the better, the higher the better illumination.”

Shen Yingqi explained that the light will produce a glare too bright, that is, there is extreme brightness within the contrast. In the glare of the conditions for too long, people will appear visual fatigue, inattention. And good classroom lighting equipment not only to light, but also should be uniform light, color is good, no flicker, no glare.

Professor Lin Yandan, Deputy Director of Department of Light Source and Lighting Engineering, School of Information Science and Engineering, Fudan University, has long been devoted to the research of lighting and human health related fields and participated in and promoted the study on improving the light environment of classroom in Shanghai primary and secondary schools. “Not only vision, lighting will also affect other physiological functions and emotions,” she said.

Classroom lighting standards need to be unified

According to Shen Yingqi introduction, the country currently has a total of 54 million primary and secondary schools, more than 340,000 classrooms, more than 200 million students, but the classroom use of light and lighting environment varies greatly. Most of the use of fluorescent lamps, there are T5, T8 energy-saving lamps, and some rural schools are still using ordinary incandescent.

kasvivalaisin loisteputki

In January this year, Kaiyao lighting involved in the development of the “CQC3155-2016” cum “primary and secondary schools and kindergarten classroom lighting products, energy-saving certification technical specifications.” The standard combination of technology and application of the status quo, the classroom lighting source output power, illumination, uniformity, glare and many other parameters made detailed provisions.

Prior to this, because the LED may have a blue light hazards, so the vast majority of places and schools simply can not purchase LED lighting as a classroom lighting source.

“Our school 58 general classrooms, 32 dedicated classrooms, are currently using T5 fluorescent tubes.” Ningbo effective secondary school vice president Xia Hongxiang introduction, “We have been worried about LED blue light will cause damage to the retina.” It is understood that Ningbo currently 667 Kindergarten, 426 primary schools, 266 junior high school light source situation is basically the case.

However, according to Professor Lin Yan Dan, where the Fudan University Institute of electric light source and the State Electric Light Source Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and other authoritative institutions of the study, Blu-ray hazards and “blue-green” lighting is not the impact of LED lighting products, some of the previous Metal halide lamps and some fluorescent lamps have long existed.

Therefore, Shen Yingqi pointed out that it is imperative to promote the construction and implementation of standards, whether it is LED lights or fluorescent lamps, only meet the standards in order to enter the classroom, so as to create a real health for the children’s lighting environment.

The city will build a number of pilot classrooms “According to incomplete statistics, the current LED light source accounted for the national indoor lighting share is close to 90% compared to fluorescent lamps, LED lights, energy consumption reduced by at least 50%, and life expectancy of more than 30,000 hours “Kaiyao lighting president of the Office of the President Shen Qiao Can told reporters.

He introduced, with the fluorescent lamp production scale is reduced, the production cost is also increased, so LED as the main trend of indoor lighting has been irreversible.

“The current quality of LED lamps on the market uneven, good and poor quality can be a hundred times the difference, which is why we have to develop a standard.” Kaiyao lighting chairman Liu Qiang said, “the first goal of standard development is healthy , The second is energy saving, of course, LED into the classroom, LED lighting enterprises will also provide a huge market.

Kay Yao Group in the construction of LED health lighting standardized classroom, the reporter saw the classroom, including the top lights, blackboard lights, including all the lamps are used LED light source. Experts use the phone lens at the light source, to confirm no obvious strobe, and after testing, recognized its illumination, brightness, uniformity and other indicators. Reporters with eyes directly after the light source, also did not feel a clear sense of dazzling, more comfortable reading in the light. It is reported that the next step Kay Yao will work with some of the city’s primary and secondary schools to build some pilot classrooms.

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